Brady® Red Steel Lock Box “LOCK BOX LOCK OUT FOR SAFETY”


» 6″ X 8.9″ X 7″ Lock Box

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  • Made of heavy-duty steel and powder coated for extra rust-resistance, this portable box includes a lockable clasp and a slot to allow keys to be inserted when box is locked
  • Accommodates up to 13 padlocks on the lid and can also be used as a lock storage box for up to 40 padlocks
  • Use one lock on each energy control point and place the keys in the lockout box
  • Each worker then places his/her own lock on the box to prevent access
  • Each employee retains exclusive control, as required by OSHA, by placing his/her own lock on the lockout box containing the keys to the job locks
  • As long as any one worker’s lock remains on the lockout box, the keys to the job locks contained inside cannot be accessed